Milk Paint Hutch DIY Progression

I painted this cabinet when we first received our Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint but only lately have I decided that I needed it for a Display/Workspace Cabinet.

Hutch Before Paint

We purchased the cabinet at auction for $25 and as you can see in the before pics it is a handmade  pine and plywood piece. When you use different woods you can see that the stain absorbs into the wood to varying degrees.

Bottom Hutch Before I did clean the piece with warm water and Murphy’s Oil Soap, because I like to have a little control over how the piece will turn out so I try to get off anything that might resist the paint before I begin painting. Well as you can see from the after pictures this piece had a mind of its own and distressed itself!! After only one coat of paint too!

Bottom After Paint

I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint -Kitchen Scale available HERE.Painted the whole piece and the next day waxed it with Miss Mustard Seed Soft Wax available HERE.

Drawer Naturally Distressed

ABSOLUTELY NO DISTRESSING! The piece resisted the paint in the most perfect of ways! Don’t you just love it? I love how the milk paint instantly aged this piece! So much for having control over a piece!!! I changed up the hardware and then recently decided it would be the perfect workstation/storage area for my Flower Shop Supplies.

Shop Fixtures

I asked  hubby to put brass rods on the top to hold the ribbon display and Viola “Perfect Store Fixture”

Ribbons Display

Now that we are past the holiday retail time in our work and business, we will be re-doing many more painted furniture pieces and I will be sure to post the progress as we move toward filling our space at Brimfield Antiques May Show. Be sure to check our website for all the other great Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Colors.

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