Quick DIY Burlap Heart Garland

Yesterday as I was getting things together for my little grands I realized that this burlap heart garland should be more personal, not just a random word LOVE but an affirmation of I Love You! [Shortened of course]

Love U

So I added another heart and then thought that maybe someone, maybe a teacher or a home school mom or any mom doing crafts with kids for that matter might want to make one of these to decorate for Valentine’s Day, so here is a quick collage tutorial.

Collage Tutorial

Hints:I use white-out to stencil the letters  because it dries so quick and has that nice little sponge brush!

I tried to hand sew the first heart but the small pieces of burlap fall apart so quickly when handled too much so I then used my sewing machine, just keep pushing the stuffing in before the needle gets to it.

You only need a very little bit of stuffing because you don’t want it to be a stuffy just a little three dimensional. The huge needle is what I used to attach the burlap twine to keep with the primitive look!

I am going to give it away tomorrow to the grandkids that don’t live near enough to make things with me too often! Kinda remind them that I Love Them!

Have a great week,



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