Chilly, Sweet,Light and Burlap

Funny Title eh?

It is chilly [downright cold] in the part of the world where I live, if fact the other morning when we woke up it was 17 degrees BELOW zero and never made it past 9 degrees the whole day. It’s the way winter is. The day-light is so short and when we do get sun we jump for joy, beautiful warm, golden sunlight on snow, I love it!

Baby It's Cold Outside


Most people around here decorate for Christmas which is awesome because the outside lights make the days seen a bit longer and certainly bring a more welcoming hue to the pending darkness. This is my neighbor’s house as the sun is setting.

Night Light

ON to the Sweet of this post;

So I thought I was done with burlap when I realized the next holiday to celebrate is Valentine’s Day and surely I can make something out of that last little bit of red burlap. [Just how far can 1 yard of burlap go?]

Burlap Heart Garland


Viola, enter the Heart Burlap Garland. Valentine’s is such a great holiday with the grand girls and my little 7-year-old will love having this little garland hanging in her room. Well, I am off to get my floral arrangement samples for Valentine’s Day made and photographed for the Shop. Actually keeping up with the “Get Prepared Ahead” New Years Motto! Ok it’ only the 5th but it’s a start.

Have a great weekend, peg


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