Last Minute Christmas Creations


Wow it seemed like  I had so much time left to finish up my Christmas Gifts and now just a few more days and we will celebrate Christmas 2012 and then on to the new year! It is also almost my one year anniversary for this blog and my website so I have several milestones to celebrate.

I have spent the last couple of weeks with several Dr. appointments and now that all the news is good and the situation will be taken care of soon I can think of better days ahead!

Lots of time in the flower shop lately and I can’t get enough of these gorgeous amaryllis which come in the shop in tight bud and then slowly open to this glorious horticultural wonder, kinda like when you plant them but soo much quicker.


This has also been the year of the stocking for me, not just making them but collecting ideas for ones I want to make for next year. I recently finished  this one for my grand daughter. I love vintage 1950’s tablecloths so it was hard to cut into this one but I really love the way it came out and there is enough fabric to make another one just like it. I made this pattern this year and it is available for a DIY stocking. It is nice and big so you can put lots of gifts in it and totally still have room for treats. Stockings are a big Holiday Tradition at our house!


The trim is also a vintage one that didn’t sell on ebay [so glad] and it is a perfect match to the tablecloth fabric.


Now that I have the website, I will sell the rest there. Ebay has changed over the years and I enjoy having my own website so much more. I have a few more things to share before Christmas but for now enjoy the last minute preparations and celebrations with your friends and family as you look toward Christmas and the birth of our Saviour.The Greatest Gift Ever!!!!



One thought on “Last Minute Christmas Creations

  1. Wow Peg you certainly have some creative ideas that you put into material, that
    a person can hang in the house and get more than just a foot. I agree with you on the amaryllis they are beautiful and huge.

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