Make your own Burlap Poinsettia


I have always loved natural fabrics and burlap is no exception! Unfortunately burlap purchased at the craft store is not all that stable and may not hold up for too long but it is cheap and readily available so everyone can play along and not worry about the cost. I recently purchased a natural colored burlap poinsettia made in China and decided I wanted to make my own and make it a bit more realistic [like red with lime green center] Holiday Traditions do require just a little red and green don’t they? Here is the finished project.

I was thinking about putting shimmer on the leaf edges but maybe the next one. The petal are stiffened so the burlap won’t ravel any more than this and isn’t that one of the charms of burlap?  The petals are all wired and you can re-shape the flower without worry. I am working on directions or maybe a tutorial> Tutorial is done, here is the link BURLAP POINSETTIA

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones you love!



7 thoughts on “Make your own Burlap Poinsettia

    • Publishing Tomorrow! Thanks for asking . You need Burlap, modge podge, florist tape and wire. Mine was 24 guage wire. I had to redo some of the pictures. Hard to photograph myself!!!

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