My Love /Hate Relationship With Autumn


Signs of Fall

This is the time if year that so many long for with the crisp mornings , warm afternoons, and cool evenings for sleeping. But not me! To me it is the end of something wonderful.

Soon the frost will hit and all the flowers will wilt and disappear. The days are getting shorter and shorter and we have already had the wood stove ablaze. My garden, which was planted late, never really was able to peak so I don’t have an amazing bounty to fill my freezer. So much for a zone 4 climate!

Goodbye Garden

And yet there is something wonderful about this time of year. The trees change their colors to the breathtaking autumnal color palette. The apples are in season. We can rake leaves, plant garlic and take long walks along dirt roads without heat fatigue. There is this wonderful energy which the cooler days usher in birthing the strength  to get things done!

Here in the North Country we are enjoying  the last of the fairs although the flea markets around here will end October 1st and not open again till May!

This is the best time to paint although you have a very small window which gets smaller everyday until it is gone in another month or so.

It is a time to reflect, to begin to think about next season and prepare for the busyness of the holiday time.

The Last Warm Days of 2012

Here at Garden House we are getting ready to really launch our business not just the physical location but beef up the on-line also. It has taken longer than I had hoped but that is to be expected when you are not as computer savvy as you would like to be or need to be.

Hope you can take some time and enjoy the changing of the seasons where ever you are.



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