Look What I Found by the Roadside

Greetings from the northeast,

Because I am always on the lookout for some new “actually old” piece of furniture to re-do, I can at times drive my husband crazy with my “Stop Quick Turn Around” outbursts as we are driving.

Dumpster Diving for Furniture

This piece however, I noticed while driving by a dumpster and hoped it would still be there when I returned with husband in tow. Low and behold it was. I have this heavy-duty spray that kills any insect eggs, mold spores, mildew, actually any odors at all, which I use on pieces like this that I will eventually reupholster. This week however was our 30th anniversary party and there would be many guests in need of a seat so I had to do a quick slipcover and make a new cushion. I always throw the old cushions away!

Beautiful weather so why not work outside? The neighbors must have thought I was a bit strange when I set my saw horses up and began pinning and cutting the cover! Covered the whole piece  with plastic that  night and the next day finished it. What do you think of the transformation? Wish I had more of this fabric, it is a Susan Sargent design printed by Robert Allen Fabrics. I have other  Susan Sargent/ Robert Allen fabrics for sale but this is the end of this one.

Here is how she sits in our living room. Eventually I will take the slipcover off and reupholster this settee but for now it has a washable slipcover on it. I always buy and suggest to my customers who want slipcovers to get something we can wash and pre-shrink so that it can be washed later on.

Removable washable coverings are the BEST

Said husband could not believe I saw anything good in this piece but in actuality he is the one who now uses it the most.

Always looking for a diamond in the rough!!!



4 thoughts on “Look What I Found by the Roadside

  1. There’s nothing like taking a roadside find and giving it new life. Congratulations and good job on the transformation! 🙂

  2. I love it Peggy! Washable slipcovers are the way to go, I agree! I love that more and more sofas for sale are offering them. I’m so happy for your find and for your 30th Anniversary!

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