It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

Actually its 5:00 here at least it was when this picture was taken. As summer begins to wane, there is a very distinct change in the late afternoon sunlight that hits the gardens and the studio.  This is what it looked like the other day at 5.

You can count how many days of summer we have left by how many of the perennials still have blossoms on them.

I know for many of you summer still has many more days to show its grandeur but for those of us in  a zone 4 climate August begins to look like September much too soon.

Here is the basement door in this wonderful late summer light. The fresh periwinkle color and the stone wall makes the picture look as though it were taken somewhere in Europe instead of northern Vermont.

Late afternoon shadows are wonderful in pictures, I have never regretted painting this door that color, I am sure it has worn many different colors in its 100 + years of existence. I have less than a month to go till our studio re-opens and I should probably be painting shelves inside in preparation, but somehow it doesn’t make sense to stay inside when it is so beautiful outside.

Well, I will think about that tomorrow…….



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