Too Quick the Seasons

I love summer, i cannot say that i love it when it is extremely hot and humid but for the most part, i love the summer season. It is an invitation to spend time outdoors, to relax, to smell the roses and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Because I love this season so much i am very aware of the changes and i anticipate with sadness the close of this wonderful time and the beginning of the next….

A Summer Walk

So yesterday when i saw this joe-pye weed blooming and the goldenrod in bud, i was taken back. Isn’t it still July? Isn’t Old Glory still flying from so many front porches, a salute to the independence of United States of America, doesn’t the 4th of July picnic seems like it was yesterday?

Things change so fast in the world we live in you have to really take hold of your time and make sure you do the things you feel are most important or they will be gone without notice.

Summer Cottage

This is a neighbor’s house. It is their “summer home” They come from LA every year to stay here for a couple of weeks or if they are lucky a couple of months. They haven’t changed it much just made it sturdier and more livable. Time stands still for them here because of the hectic lifestyle the are accustomed to in LA, last years dried out plant sits on the porch behind this years newly planted phlox. Enjoyed for a season and then goodbyes said.

Sometimes i wish i could stop the clock or at least slow it down for a bit…. but then there is youth wanting things to speed up so they can be a part of this too busy, too commercialized, too impersonal world where things and prestige matter more than relationships and family traditions.

I think every generation complains about the one before it believing the present generation to be missing something valuable and cherished by themselves, i think this might be true but alas it is part of the process called life and living.

I have learned some things well…. Life is Short so…..Listen Loud and Linger Long with the ones you love!

Oh, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers…………



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