Mixing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Sea Glass Green Sidetable

Annie Sloan chalk paint sea glass green side table began when I couldn’t find the exact color I wanted in my stash of paint.  I have so many quarts and gallons of paint and I vowed I wouldn’t buy anymore paint till I emptied some of the containers I already own. [So frugal of me don’t you think?]

Getting The Right Color

I first started using Annie Sloan paint about two years ago after I read Miss Mustard Seed blog where she was raving about how easily it distresses. And it sure does! I love working with Annie Sloan Chalk paint, I have 10 quarts in my stash and several sample containers. I am also a retailer for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint so you would think I would have the right color on hand, but I didn’t. I am just beginning to mix colors with the powered milk paint to make new colors but I have mixed many liquid paints to get the exact color I wanted. So knowing what I know about color  and mixing paint, I created this sea glass green from two of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paints.
annie sloan chalk paint seaglass green
The sea glass greens and the other colors of the sea palette have become my favorites! Frosted blues and greens with silvery whites and a bit of brown, I am using them all. What do you think of the finished Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sea glass green side-table?
annie sloan chalk paint seaglass green


Thomas Kinkaid Furniture CollectionUnfortunately , I didn’t get a before picture of this side table, all I can tell you is that it was the traditional dark stained wood furniture store piece from the

Thomas Kinkaid  Collection.I found this picture, it is not as dark as the original one I painted but similar.

I tried to get my  hardware to have an aged patina following an article I read on-line with cider vinegar and sea-salt but mine just got blackened and cloudy so after I wiped it down, I took some Annie Sloan paint in Provence and painted the hardware and quickly wiped it off leaving it in the grooves for a subtle effect. I put some clear wax on the hardware, clear wax on the dresser, lightly distressed it and then finished it with a small amount of dark wax. Buffed it the next day and VIOLA!

annie sloan chalk paint seaglass green

This piece is on its way to Brimfield Antique Shows next week and I sure hope there are others enamored with the colors of sea glass.
Have a great week and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!