Burlap Poinsettia Tutorial

Burlap Poinsetia tutorial

Burlap Poinsettia Tutorial so you can make your own

I hope you will enjoy making this flower as much as I did. Although it is not difficult, it does take time and a bit of patience. I suggest you read all the directions first and then go back and begin the project![Sorry if I am wordy, I wasn’t sure of your skill level so…] The basic construction could be altered for other types of flowers. Thinking of a burlap rose for valentines’…

For supplies you will need
1.Burlap-for three poinsettia I used 1/3 yard of 45″ wide fabric
2.Paper and pen or pencil-One sheet copy paper for your pattern
3.Wire-I buy my wire already cut it is about 12″ long-20 or 22mm diameter/ 10-14 pieces per flower
4.Collage Podge, Modge Podge, or Fabric Stiffener
5.Flat artist paint brush 3/4 inch works great
6.Scissors- good and sharp burlap can be hard to cut
7.Floral tape-to wrap the wires into one stem
8.Aluminum foil or plastic to work on Project is messy and takes overnight to dry
9.Beads or faux berries for the center and glue gun to attach

BURLAP ravels and sheds so be ready to clean up with vacuum

Decide how big you want your flower. For my project I wanted one large and two small flowers so These are the patterns I used for the petals [ which are actually leaves but for this tutorial we will call them petals] Draw your two different size petals on paper and then cut them out.
burlap poinsettia
burlap poinsettia
For my red flower I cut the burlap with pinking sheers on the straight grain but for this white one I cut it on the bias with regular scissors and it raveled less. Cut between 5 and 7 of each size depending on how full you want it. My red one had 12 petals and the white one has 11.
burlap poinsettia
Now the tricky part. Pretending the wire is a needle take tiny stitches on the right side and bigger ones on the wrong side and do a running stitch from one end to the other. When you get to the end push the wire about 1/2 inch beyond and then fold back on itself and pinch it down.
[You are making a vein through the flower and a way to be able to shape it when it is done.]
Do this for all the petals.
burlap poinsettiaburlap poinsettia
Lay all your wired petals on the foil or plastic and pour your stiffening in a bowl. Get your paint brush and begin to paint both sides of each flower shaping them with your hands when you are done putting the podge on.Kinda shape them to cup inward and be a bit ruffled.[Yes this is messy too!] After they are all done lay them so they will retain their shape and let them dry.The look like crepes or something]
Takes several hours for them to dry, be patient you want them thoroughly dry.
burlap poinsettiaburlap poinsettiaburlap poinsettiaburlap poinsettia
When your petals are dry pick up the small ones one at a time and form the center of your flower.It will look like a pin wheel. Use florist tape to tape the wires together when you are happy with the results. Just a few wraps will hold it.
burlap poinsettiaburlap poinsettia
Now begin to add the larger petals around the out side of the flower and after you are happy with the look, tape it tightly with floral tape. [Floral tape is a paper like tape that gets sticky as you lightly stretch and wrap it.] Tape all the way to the end. If you kinda twist the wires together before you start to tape it might be easier.
Now for the center Before you glue them down see how many berries look good to you and then hot glue them to the center. The first flower takes a long time but after that you will be making several at a time.
burlap poinsettiaburlap poinsettia
The inspiration for this flower was a natural burlap poinsettia made in China that florists are selling right now for $8-$12 each
I have access to these great berry picks in my garden shop so I just cut 5 berries off and hot glued to the center. I used pictures from both the red and white flowers to make this tutorial to bring clarity to some of the instructions. The red dye came off on my fingers when I was shaping the petals but washed off easily.
Tomorrow I will show you what I did with the white flower. I also made two smaller ones.
Burlap Poinsettia
PS This is my first tutorial….I love to read your comments, Happy Crafting!
Thanks, peg